I don't think I need and introduction. But, I'm THE Tony Stark. Owner and CEO of Stark Industries. Oh. And I'm Iron man. Got any questions? // Independent Tony Stark RP account.// //M!A - None//
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The night was still young, according to Tony Stark. However, his assistant broke up the party downstairs due to a conference meeting he had the morning after. And so, Tony stumbled into his penthouse above Stark Tower and went straight for his personal bar. He was already past drunk, and he still wanted more. He poured himself a small glass of bourbon as his eyes glazed over the old Iron Man models. He made his way toward them, using anything to keep his balance. He raised his glass with a lopsided smiled.

“A toast to me!” He slurred, “Because I’m a fucking genius.”

A light chuckle escaped his throat as he chugged down the glass of bourbon and went back for more. The part may have been over but his assistant couldn’t force him into bed. He thought about that for a second. Never mind, She could most definitely force him into bed. That didn’t mean there was going to be any sleeping, though. Although, with no girls to entertain him now, he was rather bored and sleep might be a good remedy for that.